Past Events

Executive Functioning, Twice Exceptionality & Advocacy for your child

When: Wednesday January 17th 2024, 6:30 PM

Where: Zoom 

Who: Heather DeGeorge,  Carol Dimas  (

What: We'll be learning about intellectual,  social and emotional needs of academically talented students. These include things like anxiety, attention deficit disorder, sensory processing disorder, giftedness and twice exceptionality. 

Fundraising at: Lou Malnati's 2879 W 95th Street

Passcode: K3?m4RL8

November 15th

Identification & Curriculum

When: Wednesday November 15th 2023, 7 PM

Where: Zoom  (Please email for the password if you have not received it)

Guest Speaker:  Joan Peterson - Director, Core Curriculum - Elementary

What: Mrs Peterson will cover what the identification process for the project arrow program at IPSD 204 looks like. She will also give an overview of the curriculum as well as explain how the teachers plan out their instructional strategies. She will also be discussing accelerated mathematics.
Please note, if you have a question about a specific student, this should be addressed with your school team and not at this meeting.

Fundraising at: Portillos, 1992 W Jefferson

Passcode: 7w2Id?=9

September 20th
District 204 Board Roadshow 2023-24.pptx

Learn about the Project Arrow PTA & the IPSD School Board

When: Wednesday September 20th 2023, 7 PM

Where: Crouse Education Center & Zoom

Who: Supna Jain. IPSD board representative, liaison to Project Arrow.

What: This meeting begins with a presentation from Supna Jain, explaining how the IPSD school board works.  We then move on to learning about the Project Arrow PTA, mission and plans for the year.  Then, a brief introduction into the K-2 Talent Development, Accelerated Mathematics, Project Arrow Elementary & Project Arrow Middle School via a tour of IPSD's website. We will be collating your questions and passing them on to the district administration to be addressed at our next meeting.
We will cover the role of a liaison, as well as this PTA board's plans for the year and approving the budget.

Fundraising at: Panera, 491 Illinois Route 59

Zoom Passcode: oh$124hz

Family Meetup

When: Saturday August 26th 2023, 2-4 PM

Where: Naperville 95th Street Library

What: Come meet other PA, MA & K-2 Talent families from around the district.  

Fundraising at: Oberweiss & That Burger Joint, 2879 95th Street

May 10th 2023 - Karen Zatz (Parent Diversity Advisory Council) - Thoughts on diversity in Project Arrow